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Maryam was 16 when reading “Einstein, Physics and Reality by “Jagdish Mehra”, made her to decide studying Physics in university to get to know more about the universe. She became a Physics teacher and was trying to teach her students to look at the world in a different way.
Years later, reading “Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse”, made her to think she needed to explore the world rather than only reading the books. She left her teaching job and started traveling the world alone. After years of traveling alone, she decided to share the joy of traveling with others through handling numbers of tours to different countries.
As for her different viewpoints, all those who traveled with her became loyal to her and asked her where could be her next trip. She also presented new destinations to Iran Tourism like Sri Lanka, Philippines and Vietnam by having a lot of seminars for Iranian travel agencies. But after years of experience, she was still feeling something was missing in her life! “Why the people of the world don’t know much about  the beauty of Iran and it’s rich culture which had influenced as far away as Italy, Macedonia, and Greece to the West, Russia to the North, the Arabian Peninsula to the South, and South and East Asia to the East? “ She asked herself one night. “Prime Persia” dream was born at that night!

Know “Prime Persia” 

 “Prime Persia” is a Destination Management Company, dedicated to creating and facilitating inspirational travel experiences through means of innovative products, eco-friendly practices and unparalleled personal services. Being passionate about people, we want you to have an unforgettable experience, and gain a true sense of the glorious Persian lifestyle during your trip in Iran.
We take care of all details for your visit, either you are a solo traveler, a couple on holiday or honeymoon, a group of friends, or a visitor seeking a special requirement, you receive the bests. Whatever your interests might be, from trekking, bicycling, Skiing, wild life or desert safaris, ancient culture, to Persian cuisine or Medical requirements, we can arrange a tour from arrival to departure to please you and meet all your needs.
We can organize every kind of accommodation, from private villas, Eco-lodge to plush boutique or luxury hotels. If you just tell us the dates that fit around your life, we’ll create a holiday for you that will be as individual as you are. We use a network of certified professional tour guides who can treat you as the most important person during your trip in Iran. In “Prime Persia” we don’t see people as clients with some numbers , We welcome each individual as a unique person !
We have two different offices in Iran. One is in Tehran,the capital,  and another one is located in Shiraz, the cultural capital of Iran.

Maryam Karimi (CEO)

Maryam Karimi CEO

Our Testimonials
Maryam is a sweet and kind person with great passion for travelling and wide knowledge about Iran, definitely trustworthy. If you are dreaming of an amazing adventure, Maryam and her Prime Persia are the ones to do it with! Iran as a country has Beautiful nature, breathtaking architecture, delicious food and lovely people - I experienced all that thanks to Maryam. Marta from Poland
"Maryam is very reliable, honest and above all professional woman in tourism. She showed me parts of her magnificent country,Iran, and introduced me to places that I would have never seen on my own. She has an incredible ability to transmit her passion for Iranian culture, art, food and heritage and her goal in "Prime Persia" is to make her guests, experience unforgettable and the most joyous trip that you can imagine!" Julica Ortlinghaus from Germany
"I know Maryam to be a super fun, upbeat and lively person. She helped me to have an amazing experience while I was in Iran that I couldn't otherwise have had." Amos Chapple from New Zealand
"Maryam is working in tourism for many years. She made a great journey for me and my friend Pibin in Iran .Through her ,I got to know Persian culture much better .She is a trustworthy and passionate person who loves presenting her beautiful country,Iran, to the world beyond all the stereotypes." Fengyan Du from China
"Maryam was my amazing travel companion on my first ever trip to the beautiful country of Iran. We visited Persepolis together, in a wonderful day full of miracles both ancient and modern, we toured Shiraz, read poems at the tomb of Hafez, skipped lunch for ice cream and had the most interesting long conversations on tea gardens around the city. I wholeheartedly vouch for her to be the best ambassador for her wonderful country: Friendly, open-minded, sincere, trustworthy, and always up for an interesting conversation about the history and reality of Iran. " Iro Kounadi from Greece
"Maryam has a passion for travel. She is knowledgeable and enjoys helping people discover the world. " Prime Persia " is her project for Iran and I'm sure she will do everything to make the travelers enjoy their trip ." Barb Purdom from USA
"Maryam has opened windows for me to see the world from a different perspective: discovering the beauty of her country and the challenges her people face; being open to racial and cultural differences; and appreciating the unique journeys that each one takes in life. Had I not known Maryam, my view of Iran would’ve still been misinformed by biased media. Now Iran is in my wishlist of travel destinations.She’s passionate about exploring the world and has got loads of interesting stories to tell. Travel with her and your time will not be for naught." Michelle from Japan
"Maryam is a hard working person and for years she is in Tourism. She has done a lot of research for the development of tourism in Iran. We have known each other for a several years and I know that she and her team are trustful, professional and friendly people." Marie Mamulashvili from Georgia
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