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Hair Transplant

Why would you better to do Hair Transplantation in Iran?

Hair transplant is getting more popular procedure among men and women each year. It allows people to look more attractive and young, become more confident. According to ISHRS, about 635,000 hair transplant procedures are performed worldwide annually. This specialty is being actively developed as far as people look for the best option at a lower price. The competition between clinics is growing, so they are forced to attract new patients with cheap hair transplant costs. You just need to choose the best option and schedule the procedure.

Iran, attracts patients from over the world by its affordability and excellent level of medicine. Despite high treatment standards, the hair implants cost here in Iran is even 50% less than a country like Turkey and 4 to 6 times lower than in Europe or the USA due to general price policy and local citizens’ income. So, Iran is considered to be one of the best and cheapest places for hair transplant. With less than $900, you can have a full hair transplant at a modern clinic by a highly experienced doctor. For an all-inclusive hair transplant package that includes everything you need, including five-star hotel accommodations for 3 days, you would pay less than only $1400. However, the same procedure in the United States and Europe costs much higher, from $4,000 to $16,000.

Hair Transplant for women

Unlike what is expected by most people, women are, of course, candidates for hair transplant. According to the American Association of Dermatologists, hair loss for women is common. Women usually deal with two types of hair loss. One is receded hairline and the other is female pattern baldness. The former occurs in both men and women and can be treated with hairline lowering. In this case, the surgeon transplants hair from hair bank to the front of patients’ hair.

When hair loss pattern is not distinct and there’s a thinning/balding in all areas of the head, it may be due to female pattern baldness. A hair transplant may not always be appropriate for women, and other methods like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and mesotherapy will do a far better job. PRP involves injecting rich platelets into the recipient area, after centrifuging the patient’s own blood for about 10 minutes. This stimulates hair follicles, thickens thin hair, increases hair volume, and promotes new hair growth. Mesotherapy is another method which triggers hair growth through injecting nutrients’ boosters into the scalp.

Beard Transplant

Today, there is a significant increase in the number of men who choose a beard or mustache transplant. They seek beard or mustache transplant to restore hair in areas of the face with no or thin hair. Facial hair transplant procedure is similar to a regular hair restoration surgery. Both FUT and FUE techniques can be applied in beard or mustache transplant. The procedure requires great preciseness because hair grafts need to be transplanted with the right growth direction so that the results look more natural and less artificial.

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