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Iran Travel Insurance

Why you should get the Iran Travel Insurance from us?

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Being Free of charge

Unlike most of the travel companies,we don't charge you for your Travel Insurance . Enjoy it for FREE!

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Why Iran travel insurance?

It is really necessary to get a travel insurance for Iran because it’s required to collect your Iran visa. Without having a printout of your valid insurance, you can’t collect your visa from the embassy or the visa office at the airport. Moreover, you don’t want the unexpected mishaps to ruin your trip.You can have a peace of mind when you already have a trusted travel insurance in Iran .


Can you use your existing travel insurance?

If you already have a travel insurance, be careful because a travel insurance for your trip to Iran can be different from a travel insurance to other destinations. That is, many insurances sold outside Iran are not valid for a travel to Iran or at least some parts of Iran. The problem is that, due to the long history of political tensions and sanctions between Iran and west, many insurers do not put Iran in their destination lists. So, if you want to use your travel insurance for getting your Iran visa, make sure ‘Iran’ is clearly mentioned in their list.
There are insurance companies which use general terms like ‘Asia’ or ‘Middle East’ in their lists, but even such terms are not acceptable for the visa officer. You can ask your insurance company to send you a document with “Iran” being mentioned in the list.

How to get Iran Travel Insurance?

If you don’t have a travel insurance or your travel insurance is not valid for Iran, you need to book a travel insurance for traveling to Iran. Prime Persia has a close cooperation with Saman Insurance Company which is one of the most renowned and reliable Iranian Insurance companies. If you join our Iran Tours, Prime Persia will give you a FREE Travel Insurance on your package. You just need to fill in the online Insurance form provided in our website and get your Insurance in 3 working days!

Here is the fee for insurance services for foreign travelers according to the age and their trip length Duration of Tour.




Duration of Tour

Age 1-7 days 8-15 days 16-30 days 31-45 days 46-62 days 63-92 days
0-12 8 € 11€ 13€ 16 € 18 € 21€
13-65 11€ 16€ 18€ 29€ 33€ 36€
66-70 14€ 21€ 22€ 36€ 43 € 50€
71-80 16€ 26€ 29€ 46€ 56€ 64€
81-More 26€ 46€ 52€ 86 € 99€ 126 €
Insurance Coverage

Maximum limit

1 Hospitalization & medical treatments 10,000
2 Transportation to the nearest health center resulting from an accident or illness or required coordination for transporting to a more equipped health center, using air ambulance or returning to home country if required 5,500
3 Dental emergencies 200
4 Returning the body to the home country, if the insured dies in a foreign country No limitation
5 Returning one immediate family member to the country of residence, if the insured is hospitalized for more than 10 days No limitation
6 Legal advice for the insured’s claims, if he/she is wanted according to that country’s civil law 250
7 Guidance & helping the insured person if his/her travel document is lost or stolen 200
8 Returning the insured’s child or children under 15 with one of their parents to the home country, if the insured is hospitalized or dead No limitation
9 Unexpected returning the insured due to the critical medical issues or a relative’s death, if the person can’t use his/her own return ticket No limitation
10 Compensation cost of the insured’s lost luggage or possession 150






Note : Please keep it in mind that this travel insurance does not cover problems and damages caused by natural disasters, war, rebellion, professional sports activities, illegal drugs and drinks, the diseases you have had before your trip, and also extra expenses such as the vaccination, the rehabilitation supplies etc.
Feel free to contact us now for your Iran Travel Insurance in Iran and be part of the big circle of our clients and another witness for our reliability!

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